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Martha Harding October 7, 2020

Snus is a smokeless and moist powdered tobacco. That is first originated in Sweden. The tobacco is not fermented and only needs to b place inside the lips for getting sensation. Laborers of working sites and factories mainly use it. Moreover, many people use it as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. The drug is most commonly used in western countries.

The tobacco is manufactured in different countries and thus comes with different flavors and textures. However, Swedish Snus is most popular across the world. This is because of its sweeten to taste and wide availability. Due to the presence of nicotine, in Many European countries, tobacco is banned. However, in the U.S., the local Snus is getting popular day by day. It is an excellent alternative to snuff tobacco that causes harmful effects on health. Moving further, let’s discuss American and Swedish Snus in detail.

American snus

    • Tobacco is first introduced in the 1990s in the American market. It usually contains low moisture content that increases its viability. The tobacco composes lower pH that is slightly acidic that ultimately results in a lower bioavailability of nicotine. It is similar to the Scandinavian form of Snus but varies in terms of availability of nicotine. The tobacco comes in many flavors that include wintergreen, spearmint, and vanilla. The Snus is comparatively more rigid than the Swedish one. It contains many flavoring agents that make the tobacco harder and less absorbable.
    • One doesn’t need to split frequently after placing it inside the lips. However, sometimes when the excess saliva secrets, one finds himself to split. It happens in rare cases. The most common side effects of this tobacco are gastric stress and heartburn. It also increases the rate of heartbeat and thus increases the respiration rate. However, everybody has different physiology and therefore
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